The 50(ish) Greatest Albums Of All Time…

The 50(ish) Greatest Albums of All Time…

Weekly reviews of ‘the classics’ I’ve never bothered to listen to.

Hello. Happy New Year!

Ok, so, for 2021 we’re going to do something different. Lord knows we don’t need a repeat of 2020. The new plan is to review a ‘classic’ album every week. Some of them I have heard before (some of them many, many times), but most I have never clapped ears on.

So many records, so little time… until now! (Photo by blocks on Unsplash)

I am hoping that I will actually be able to do things in 2021 and so this structure will keep me accountable when I don’t have time to dawdle and will force me to write weekly. Also, the possibility of me leaving the house means that this will hopefully read as a blog of my life over the next year, with some banging tunes thrown in for good measure.

A bit of housekeeping — I am going to choose the album at random each week. The idea being that will stop me from cherry-picking my favourite records early on and avoiding Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath until I have to listen to it in the weekend between Christmas and NYE, 2021. I’m guessing it isn’t that festive…

The Choosing Tin…

The provisional list (in alphabetical order) is below, I will link to each record as I review it. If your favourite record isn’t on there… well, tough! Or, let me know — I am open to suggestions. (Reasonable suggestions mind you, I’ll not be reviewing All Rise by Blue).

Thing is, 52 is actually quite a small number when you are trying to cover all music ever created. Therefore, there are a few notable absences — Carole King, Stormzy, Pixies, The Streets, etc, etc. have all released incredible genre-defining albums that I just couldn’t squeeze in.

Also, to try and get as broader spectrum as possible, I have only chosen one record per artist. I know that this list doesn’t include Kid A, Blonde on Blonde or Definitely Maybe. I know, you don’t need to tell me.

I also don’t care if your favourite Bowie record is some obscure EP he only released in Taiwan. I have tried to choose each artist’s ‘seminal’ album — a rule I have imposed so strictly that the word ‘seminal’ has no meaning to me anymore. I’m not even sure it is still a word.

Anyway, if we keep going beyond next year or I manage to review two in a week, I will reconsider.

And that is pretty much it — the first review will be published in the next week and we’ll see how we get on from there!

I hope you can join me on my journey of musical discovery, perhaps we’ll learn a little about ourselves along the way…

The List

(Once the record gets reviewed, I’ll add a hyperlink to it below…)

  1. A Tribe Called Quest — Low End Theory
  2. Arctic Monkeys — Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
  3. Beach Boys — Pet Sounds
  4. Beatles — Revolver
  5. Beyoncé — Lemonade
  6. Black Sabbath — Black Sabbath
  7. Blur — Parklife
  8. Bob Dylan — Highway 61 Revisited
  9. Bob Marley — Exodus
  10. Bruce Springsteen — Born in the USA
  11. Chemical Brothers — Dig Your Own Hole
  12. Chic — C’est Chic
  13. The Clash — London’s Calling
  14. David Bowie — Hunky Dory
  15. Elbow — The Seldom Seen Kid
  16. Eminem — The Marshall Mathers LP
  17. Fleetwood Mac — Rumours
  18. Jimi Hendrix — Are You Experienced?
  19. Joni Mitchell — Blue
  20. Joy Division — Unknown Pleasures
  21. Kanye West — My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
  22. Kate Bush — Hounds of Love
  23. Kendrick Lamar — To Pimp a Butterfly
  24. Led Zeppelin — Led Zeppelin IV
  25. Lou Reed — Transformer
  26. Love — Forever Changes
  27. Madonna — Like a Prayer
  28. Marvin Gaye — What’s Going On
  29. Mary J Blige — What’s the 411?
  30. Metallica — Master of Puppets
  31. Michael Kiwanuka — Love and Hate
  32. Michael Jackson — Thriller
  33. Miles Davis — Kind of Blue
  34. Nirvana — Nevermind
  35. N.W.A. — Straight Outta Compton
  36. Oasis — What’s the Story (Morning Glory)?
  37. Paul Simon — Graceland
  38. Pink Floyd — Dark Side of the Moon
  39. Prince — Purple Rain
  40. Public Enemy — Fear of a Black Planet
  41. Queen — A Night at The Opera
  42. Radiohead — OK Computer
  43. Rage Against the Machine — Rage Against the Machine
  44. Rolling Stones — Exile on Main Street
  45. Sex Pistols — Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols
  46. Smashing Pumpkins — Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
  47. The Smiths — The Queen Is Dead
  48. Stevie Wonder — Fulfillingness’ First Finale
  49. Talking Heads — Remain in Light
  50. Taylor Swift — 1989
  51. Van Morrison — Astral Weeks
  52. Velvet Underground & Nico — Velvet Underground & Nico

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